As a preacher's child, my first encounter of Aretha's voice started with this album, Amazing Grace. With only gospel music being played in our household, I wouldn't even come to realize her massive worldwide fame until a little later in my youth (...much the same with Sam Cooke, Donny Hathaway and Al Green - they were all only gospel artists to me back then too. ;) )

I didn't dare try to sing any of Aretha's repertoire for most of my life; maybe out of the sheer reverence for such a indelible sound that was her's. (and/or mere intimidation) But I can't explain the impact she had on my inner artistic life other than being ubiquitous or omnipresent like she was to most people I think. All I can say is rest in peace, rest in power, rest in our hearts, rest wherever you please your Majesty. We are forever changed by your divine work on this earth.

"Mary, Don't You Weep" is from the 1972 album "Amazing Grace" by Aretha Franklin. It ultimately sold over two million copies in the United States alone, earning a Double Platinum certification. As of 2010 it is also the biggest selling disc of Aretha's entire fifty year recording career.
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