Seed and Water

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The final tool of the new cultivation is two-fold consisting of Seed and Water; that then becomes saplings of truth and empathy; that eventually burgeons into the land of plenty!  Do you remember that word, “plenty”? Plenty is what is, what was and what  will always be; it was here since the beginning of it all.  Plenty is always enough for anyone; it is abundant and overflowing without ever being too much.  Plenty is what awaits our kind if we stop living by the profane religions of:
Take To Have,
Kill or Be Killed,
Separate But Equal.

It’s time to find your best tool and use it.  
…and if you use this tool, stand up and be counted. And join the many others:

Malala Yousafzai
Black Youth Project
Colin Kapernick
Tara Shahid
March For Our Lives
Janet Mock
Jesse Williams
Marley Dias
Kid President (a.k.a. Robby Novak)
Asean Johnson
Amanda Stenberg


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