The Tools - A Series

...and I thought, society is soil.

…and America was once new and rich and fertile. If you knelt down you could rake your fingers through her dark untouched freedom and nutrient liberation.

But it wasn’t too long before an invasive species was introduced to this land; it sailed here on ships rife with bulbs of colonialism, saplings of imperialism, seeds of genocide and slavery.  And though these original, non-indigenous crops may have eventually died out, their germination was never contained - only Capitalized on.

And now time is running out for the soul of this soil to be revitalized. This overgrowth of inhumanity has spread so much that it is stronger than ever.  The repression we foolishly believed to be dormant had in fact burrowed it's roots so deep that all of it's various strains of white supremacy, religious supremacy, racism, sexism, heterosexism and ableism have entangled their tentacles far beneath the surface of our mortality, all the while being fertilized with the ongoing greed of power.

So we must now do more than resist. We must rework the land for a new yield - a yield that sustains us all and not only a select few.  A new crop; one that produces  a far sturdier veracity against a formidable adversary.
We Must Reverse Columbus.  

Reverse humanity’s nihilism.  Rediscover this now depleted soil stripped of it’s instinct and pride; robbed of it’s very embodiment of liberty because it was never harvested equitably.  Break up the fallow ground of manifest destiny that first set out to starve our humaneness. It’s time.

The first tool of the new cultivation must be the Scythe to cut through the jagged weeds of segregation and disenfranchisement that choke out the potential of our collective advancement. 

If you use this tool, stand up and be counted. And join the many others:

Martin Luther King
Michelle Alexander
Malcolm X
Patrisse Cullers
James Rucker
John Lewis
Dorothy Heights
DeRay McKesson
Chad Griffin
Frederick Douglas


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