Michele Thomas: Words & Music Featured on "Chicago Tonight"

WTTW's Chicago Tonight airs a segment that was filmed for Jeannie Tanner's new album WORDS & MUSIC  featuring Michele Thomas -- Wednesday night @ 7pm.  The segment, featuring singers from the album including Michele Thomas, Paul Marinaro, Rose Collela and Typhanie Monique promotes their upcoming performance at Andy's Jazz Club on August 11th and 12th.



"This was a wonderful segment showcasing what the Chicago music/jazz community is all about - creative collaboration, support, friendship and sharing the love!" ~ Jeannie Tanner

WORDS & MUSIC is a new album released by singer-songwriter, trumpeter and composer Jeannie Tanner featuring the voices of 12 of Chicago's finest singers. The music reflects an eclectic mix of genres reminiscent of the Great American Songbook and N’awlins-style jazz; with soulful ballads, the sounds of Latin rhythms and retro 1960’s Rat Pack swing.  These 2 nights at Andy's will feature musicians and vocalists from the new album, along with Jeannie Tanner singing & playing trumpet: 

"Chicago does not lack for engaging jazz trumpeters, vocalists, pianists, bandleaders, songwriters and arrangers — but how many can do it all? Jeannie Tanner happens to be one... If you've ever been fortunate enough to hear her pick up a horn, or sing a ballad or unveil an original song, you know that she practically exudes music."  - Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"With a dozen Chicago vocalists and a raft of compositions -- many written with those particular vocalists in mind -- Jeannie Tanner's double-disc constitutes a love letter to the city's jazz singers. And hearing their performances, the feeling is clearly mutual." - Neil Tesser, The Jazz Network

Showtimes:  9:30pm & 11:30pm
Admission:  $15

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