New Song - Dark

It's 3:00a in the morning as I sit  here writing this.  I spent a part of my weekend canning preserves which has become my latest, seasonal hobby.  There is something weirdly empowering about being able extend the life of produce past it's peak season.  That, and I thought some cherry preserves sounded mighty tasty!

I'm workshopping another song which I shared a tiny sample of in my latest newsletter here.  I actually wrote it last summer, but wasn't ready to perform it until just recently.  Amidst all of the ongoing news of young black men and women losing their lives to police brutality, and amidst the palatable racial tensions that permeate our society right now - these lyrics came to me as my heart wished to contribute something of a counter-narrative to our dysfunctional core-beliefs surrounding the very idea of color.  Like when I hear people say that they are colorblind, it makes me wonder why anyone believes that is a good thing. (Real colorblindness is considered a physical deficiency...not a strength) But it only reinforces the idea that something is wrong with color in the first place.  

And on the flip side of that denial is then colorism, the close cousin of racism; subversively assigning a certain value to color according to where it falls along the spectrum of light to dark.  Blackness itself would be forever shackled to all the worst possible characteristics, notions and outcomes. Devalued.

When I was a little kid and I would scrape my knee, my dad used to scold me because he would see me a few days later picking at my scabs.  "Leave it alone! That's God's band-aid!" he'd fuss at me.  When I got older I would come to understand the many life-sustaining forces that we need to grow, heal and flourish are first shrouded in the cover of darkness.  So I needed to sing about it.


Uploaded by Michele Thomas Music on 2016-08-08.