Patriarchal Feminism (Warning: a political post;))

Stop ignoring the intersection, ladies!

Stop ignoring the intersection, ladies!

Patriarchal Feminism is what I call it...

I've been wanting to post about this for weeks. And this video...the video of Hillary Clinton addressing the BLM protester last week, and many of the high profile Clinton supporters who have spent time admonishing other women for not coming out to support Hillary have all demonstrated a troubling mentality when it comes to the platform that Clinton runs on...particularly as it relates to the female vote.

And I'm trying to be very careful as I say this because, well, as noted I could be admonished by her supporters to be some kind of "sell-out".

This is not an issue about Hillary's personality, but about insights into her character. And her sarcastic reaction to the young lady in the video and others is proof of this particular ilk of the feminist movement that is tone-deaf to the intersectionality of other minority groups' issues; feminists who feel entitled to our trust in their judgement and are defensive when their ideas are legitimately challenged; and that condescend and use the feminist platform as a tool of manipulation in pushing their personal agenda (i.e., Clinton's implication that America's not ready for a female president)

*rolling eyes*

...this to me is not representing true feminism if feminism is the supposed empowerment of a disenfranchised and underrepresented group. How can it be, especially when the overall tenor of Hillary's campaign is entitlement to power? She doesn't seem to be asking for my vote as much as she presumes it belongs to her. 

And unfortunately too much of the timbre of Hillary's overall constituency has been dominated by women who seem more interested in simply replacing the Patriarchy with themselves as opposed to deconstructing it. And that ain't really helping me....

We have to be careful about the face we put on our perceived liberators. Not all change is revolutionary. Especially if all it is doing is helping an elite establishment maintain their status quo.

So I seriously need for all the Madeleine Albrights, Patricia Arquettes, Gloria Steinems, Lena Dunhams, Zoe Saldanas and especially Hillary have a collective seat and check their arrogance. Stop assuming that by default you are empowering all women, especially if you're not willing to actually listen to ALL women.

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