What an incredible week this has been! I am without words and so full of emotion and awe at what has just taken place in my country! To say that we've made history...well...it's a cliché that's been used so much that it seems to carry such miniscule meaning by now. There is so much more needed to describe this election year! I am truly exhausted by the magnitude of it all!

2 days before the election Darren and I decided to volunteer for the Obama Campaign. And then, on the day of his election we decided at the last minute to jolt downtown to Grant Park to see Barack's historic speech. Those three days alone took me through such a whirlwind of emotions, reflections, discussions and contemplations:

Race in the media--race relations in this country, and in my own personal experience-race, class and gender in politics--class and race colliding--racially coded language and the new discourse in race relations--the imploding of an economic marketplace and the question of the sustainability and integrity of a "Free Market"--black elitists and "Joe Six-Pack" plumbers and the manipulation of racial and regional stereotypes...

Oh my God...this was far, far more than a mere historical event। This was and is the beginning of a new era on so many fronts. America has just hit a benchmark in our own country's evolution...we've only just begun.

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