What's Coming Soon...New Music

I recently entered a scholarship contest for a program called "Your Exceptional Record" which teaches artists how to create and record the greatest music they can make and present to the world.  

I entered one of my songs to the contest this past week and released a live video of myself performing it....

Though I haven't been ready to reveal much of my original music yet, I was happy for this opportunity to get some set one of my songs free to the public and to get some much needed feedback.  For years I've dabbled in songwriting but never really had the confidence to commit to it.  This year has started a new chapter in my life as I'm delving deeper into the creative process and thus deeper into myself.

The writing process is arduous, but also scary.  It leaves me feeling vulnerable as I'm searching for ways to express myself in the most authentic way possible. But I'm excited to be on this journey....

I wrote the song, “Plot and Stone” about my dad who died when I was just twelve years old.  I went back to visit his grave for the first time since I was a girl, (some 27 years later…) in an effort to find a piece of myself that I didn’t know had been missing.

I want people to know that healing can start from a question…even if the question is sometimes an unanswered one.

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