What Gave Me Life This Month - Jon Cleary and The Absolute Monster Gentleman

Jon. Cleary.

This is not so much a music review (as I am not a music critic) but a testimony to the music that makes me so very happy. :)

Earlier this month I got taken to New Orleans by way of live music from Jon Cleary and The Absolute Monster Gentleman...
Performing at Wire in Berwyn, it was the perfect venue for their mere quartet that filled the room with so much sound it was as if there were an eight-piece band up there; I don't know how...

"Jazz, funk, rhythm and blues and soul" is what Jon Cleary describes as the "heartbeat" of America in his anthem to New Orleans called "Bringing Back The Home", and their performance of it nearly brought me tears as I couldn't agree more with that sentiment. 

An amazing concert is often times my personal version of church.  I mean, if it's done right you get everything you need from the sermon to the call and response to the testimonies and fellowship...all from the ministry of the music.  This show was all of that and more for me.  I walked away truly cleansed by the power of the funk. hehe

Their new album, GoGo Juice has helped me to keep that feeling for the past several weeks.  The whole album is killing but, my particular favorites are tracks 2.) "Boneyard", a song about death that makes you want to live, 3.) "Brother I'm Hungry", a call to compassion and community,  and of course as I mentioned before, 7.) "Bringing Back The Home", which I wish was taught in all American music schools. :/

Go get this music. Better yet, buy a plane ticket to New Orleans and go directly to The Maple Leaf to hear them live. (and also take me with you please and thank you! ;)

Even though the following video isn't a song on this album, I needed to share it anyway because they played it that night and it is literally so damn good. (bad joke...you'll see why)

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