Trying To Forget About This Past Year? Maybe You Shouldn't.

I've talked to a lot of people lately who are ready for 2015 to come to a close.  For some, it's just been a year of hardship and pain.  For others it's just that they're ready to start something new; something different.  And it isn't hard to see why many of us would want to get the hell away from 2015 as quickly as possible, especially considering much of global events of the past year.  I think that in an effort to cease the pain from this past year, many of us hope that we'll close the door to 2015, lock it, deadbolt it, and throw on a padlock just for good measure.  Then maybe we can leave the ugly past in the past - and it would stay there, never to hinder us again.

But I'll just say this.

As much as I'd like to leave some baggage in the past, I know I will cross over the threshold of 2016 still saddled up with much of the previous year's remains.  And why wouldn't I be? Besides, baggage is only bad when it slows you down or stops you from moving at all.  As long as we're still long as we decide to keep moving, there's hope.  

Which is why I'm leaving you with the following, this on the last day of 2015:

I urge you to read this unbelievable article about Norman Malone that was written by Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune last month.  Mr. Malone was my high school choral teacher.  He was one of the best and toughest music teachers I ever had.  And as it turns out, I never knew just how tough he was...until now.

Hope seems like a small thing, but it is actually divine. It has to be.


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