The Good Kind Of Stress (Like the good kind of fat...)

Becoming a rock is kinda stressful too...

Becoming a rock is kinda stressful too...

I am feeling stressed but it's good.

Someone said that not all stress is bad, because certain kinds of stress are signs of growth; like those "growing pains", right?  And growth is a great thing because it means that there is forward motion happening. 

This month has been exciting as I continue working hard at the intricacies of my music career.  Many of you have seen some of my pictures and posts on social media as I work through this process.  I am in the community of independent artists, "musicpreneurs" and creatives who take the term "DIY" to a whole other level - and the work never ends!  I have to remind myself daily that some stress is good if it means I'm growing in my knowledge and skills...and ultimately in my passion. 

I am blessed to have worked with other creatives who understand this life of passionate stress, including a gifted photographer and a budding fashion designer in the making!  It may sound glamorous, but the business of presenting your brand to the world is intricate and deep work.  You hope the result is that people can "see" your music as much as they "hear" your music and are equally moved by it.

In the coming weeks you'll see many changes to my website and social media.  You'll also continue to see a new direction with my blog and newsletter so I hope you'll stay tuned!



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