Reinvention, Transformation and Graduation

Dear Chris,

Some years ago, you came in to town for an impromptu visit and crashed at our house for a couple of nights, and inadvertently, came out the closet. I say inadvertently only because I don't think you were actually planning to.  And the only reason you did was because our crazy friend, Aaron - upon seeing your rainbow necklace - asked you straight out if you were gay.  And you said "yes".

I remember wondering to myself if you might be going through a phase; and not because of any dismissive or non-affirming attitudes about homosexuality - but because you were 18 and young and still had so much more life to live.  Who knew what more self discoveries were ahead of you? did.

Fast forward to about 2 months ago; and we're catching up over Facebook when you reveal the next chapter of your life. In that conversation, I said goodbye to my niece, Christina - and hello to my nephew, Chris.  

I really cherished our "talk" that day; to hear the level of peace and clarity in your tone.  To hear how maturely you dealt with family members and friends who were struggling to accept your decision.  I was amazed. I was inspired. My soul applauded your soul's fortitude.  And you make be want to be more courageous in my own life's work.

Aunt Michele

LGBT - Love Gained By Truth

Living into your own truth can be hard work.  Whatever your heart's endeavors are, often times the people around you, sometimes even your loved ones - may not understand who you are becoming. And they may not support you. Even worse, the enemy may come from within, and you struggle with self-acceptance.

Chris is doing the hard work and I want to support him.  He has put together an Indiegogo campaign called "Manscape Me" to aid in the upcoming medical procedures towards his transition.  What I especially love is that Chris is helping others as he's receiving help by making contributions to breast cancer research from this campaign.  I hope you'll take a moment to read about Chris's personal journey and consider donating at:

There are 8 more days left to pledge towards his goal of $6000 and they are 40% of the way there. There's also some cool gifts in it for you if you do pledge.  I've already claimed my sweet "Manscape Me" tee! ;)

To anyone else, I hope you'll still read Chris's story and find some inspiration of your own.  I'll be working towards my own truth and I hope you will too. And know that you are loved.


Chris also asked to share his email address with you at: for those  who arent able to give money but may want to donate  goods to auction off or share his story on Facebook. (Or to simply say hi! ;))

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