Never Give Up

I refuse to accept that the continued mass murder of humankind is the new norm in our world. It's occurrence should not be as common as natural disasters.

I'm tired of feeling hopeless, even in the face of the hard realities of our world.

I see courageous human beings facing the odds with fierce love and rigorous compassion everyday, so I feel like I owe it to them to hold on to hope and walk in faith.

Poverty, inequality, genocide, slavery, rape and injustice exists in our world not by mistake but by design.  These are all the means by which humankind destroys each other just short of straight out murder.  And as long as they exist in such vastness across the globe we make our societies fertile for the seeds of destruction to be planted and to grow strong.

So I'll no longer ask why the terrorists kill in the name of their religion.

I won't don't ask why the gangs shoot down children in the street everyday. 

I won't ask why another lone gunman shot and killed a crowd of people.

My only question will be, "how do I create a world where there is no room for the option of self-destruction?"

So here's my motivation this week.  A playlist to make you cry, make you mad, uplift you and send you into the world for the continued revolution.  Suit up soldiers. And let's fight for a better world.

Michele ThomasComment