#JonVoyage To The Most Influential Jester

Clown or secret leader of people?

Clown or secret leader of people?

"Television is a medium because anything well done is rare."~Comedian and Radio Personality, Fred Allen

I think I'm going through a a bit of the mourning process over Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show.  I was even having dreams about it after watching his final episode on Thursday night.  It was weird!  I feel this slight melancholia, which then makes me feel like I'm just being silly because I'm mourning a tv show and a person I have never even met.  But I can't deny feeling as if an important and influential voice just left the stage of our collective conscientious. I mean, what am I supposed to watch now? The dumb 'ole regular news?? Jon Stewart has forever ruined that for me...

More than anything, it has been incredible to see a comedian and entertainer, transcend the expectations of his craft and create in such a way as to impact the world through his art.  Yes, I know, I know...many dispute that a television show is in any way a form of "art". But really, for anyone to dare to have a vision for whatever it is they create, even when their vision is scoffed at, underrated, discredited and even detested by their critics...(I mean, the critics vitriol was the very concrete that was poured into the foundation of The Daily Show in the first place, right?)...if you can dare to commit to your vision with all that happening, you are truly free and your impact on the world will probably leave an eternal impression.  

Moreover, up until now, I don't believe most people would have ever thought of comedy as a means of enacting social change. (...no less Jon Stewart himself as he often expressed.) I mean, no one is supposed to take the Jester seriously otherwise he'd suck at his job.  But after watching an old episode of Jon Stewart crying at his desk after September 11, 2001 - I think he may be one of the few in his vocation who broke the mold and branded the jester as more than just an inconsequential clown....  

...because he/she who can make you laugh, feel and think altogether may possess an influence more powerful than that of our normally designated leaders. 

Anyway, as I continue to pull myself through the stages of grief ;), I can't help but think about the heartwarming words that Stephen Colbert told to Jon on that final show....“We owe you...because we learned from you by example how to do a show, how to treat people with respect. You are infuriatingly good at your job. We are better people for having known you." 
Whatever your work, jester or otherwise, I can't think of a higher commendation to receive as a person, can you?

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