In Contempt Of The Pipe Dream

Is there someone in your life that you believe has so much talent,  that you know if only they could be discovered they would be a star?  Over the years have you watched them working hard and sacrificing for their dreams and wish there was anything you could do to help them get their "big break"?  
Or maybe you've got your own dreams. Maybe you're living vicariously through your friend, your loved one; and you're rooting for them in the hopes that if they can make it happen, it means you can too…

We have an interesting culture surrounding the pursuit of dreams.  Here in our American society it always seems to be a "big break" or "hit the jackpot" kind of psychology encompassing our quests for happiness.  It's like we don't validate a dream's worth unless it has some wildly successful outcome that is obvious to everyone.  (Reality t.v. voraciously feeds into this mindset!)

Or on the flip side of things, people have often used the phrase, "pipe dream" to describe what might be a fantastic but hopeless pursuit.  But the "pipe dream" concept has always vexed me because it's an unaffirming viewpoint of what is a particularly important part of our human experience.  Dreams enrich our existence for the time that we are on this earth (and even after we're gone…) Dreams are inalienably valid by the very virtue of them being dreams.  

So I'd like to think that no dream is expendable; that in reality our dreams and aspirations are each like delicate seedlings; which all start at a very fragile state.  And though it's true that fragility puts those seedlings in a vulnerable position and that they may die early on; the glorious upside is that if the ground is fertile, and the environment is right; we can grow again, and again.  It's really less about the seedling itself, and more about what we do to cultivate it's growth.

You see, I'm not trying to sell you some fluffy, Disney-esque, "all your dreams can come true if you only believe…" crap.  That's not what this is about.  Belief is nothing without substance.  In the words of Carly Simon, "It's The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of" that is far more significant.

In a exactly a week from now, I will be conducting an experiment called The Sound Initiative that will explore the possibility of what happens to dreams when they are prudently cultivated.  For those of you who have talented friends or loved ones pursuing their musical dreams, I'd love for you to come and be a part of this exciting experiment!  For everyone else, I wish for your aspirations to never be "pipe dreams" and for your ground to be fertile for whatever you wish to pursue


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