Brain Dump

I have a problem with making lists. To-do lists, wish-lists, dream-lists, s**t-lists....(you know who you are! ) The lists  go on forever; they're endless. They have been written over many years in countless notebooks that clutter my home and could probably fit into a small storage unit.

I was recently told that the problem wasn't that I was making all these lists, but that I wasn't prioritizing them and taking action. I was also told that it's healthy and wise to do a "brain dump" of all the stuff swimming around in my head. Just let it all out…then sift through it for the good stuff. So, despite the possible allusions to certain bodily functions, I'm going to dump on you! (you know what I mean!!! eewwww!)  So without further ado, here’s my latest brain dump...

Decisions, decisions, etc.

Unknown decisions
We make unconscious decisions every single moment of our lives.  This month I have discovered the many decisions I had made without even knowing it.  And most times they had been sad little decisions to settle, give up, and to lose hope in my hopes and dreams.  The bigger challenge is bringing those unconscious decisions to the surface and facing them.   You become your soul's top investigator, and your findings may astonish you!

Known decisions
...and then there are the conscious decisions, which this week I had some victory with! I thought about how great it is to have a set destination and a clear path to reach it.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to make a plan!  But for me, once the plan was set into motion, it felt so grounding, which led me to think about anchors.

An anchor can be good or bad, depending on what you're trying to do. A good anchor is one that’s secured solidly in the rocks. Not only does it keep you steady, but also it allows you to build on top of it. It provides steady footing for even bigger endeavors! (Yay!)
Then there is the bad anchor…

A bad anchor isn’t steady or solid. It slides along in the mud, constantly dragging you where you don’t want to go. My metaphorical muddy bottoms are my neighbors. My husband and I have experienced a run of nightmare neighbors (yes, plural) for some time. We're unfortunate to live in a building complex that now attracts criminals, the mentally ill, and general d-bags whom exist by draining resources from more deserving people. Really, I'm trying to remain objective!

After countless letters and complaints to our landlord, attending neighborhood association meetings, pleading with said d-bags (I mean, neighbors) to be more considerate and sleeping with earplugs for over a year now - it's time for a big chnage. So, despite this building holding so many great memories and accomplishments, it's like the anchor that's dragging in the mud. Our orders are clear; we’re pulling up anchor and moving. Details to follow.

Stay tuned for more installations of my  "Brain Dumps" in the future. (Perhaps with a more appealing title?)

Know that you are loved,

Michele ThomasComment